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I am your event personality, I can be your author, guest-writer, entertainer, story-teller, keynote or motivational speaker.   Over the years I have worked in various artistic capacities – professional actress, esteemed arts administrator, guest-writer and cultural arts workshop coordinator.  I have been a member of the British Actor’s Equity and have toured extensively in the UK, USA and the Caribbean.

I recently published my second book of poetry called "I am Jamaica" and this follows closely my first book of poetry Ode to Miss Lou…From the Soul of Dr Sue – a Jamaica 50 Collectible Edition.  In 2015 I wrote and performed the title piece “WE” for Broward County’s 100th Birthday extravaganza as part of their ‘Duende’ celebrations.

Dr. Sue, as I am known in the entertainment world, will bring effervescence, spirit, humor and edification to your event.  My extensive and diverse work and life experiences make my material and delivery rich, humorous and enlightening.  

Dr Sue can be seen (and hired for) Emceeing, performing and/or presenting at various community and National events – concerts, galas, graduations, parties and community events.

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“This volume then, is something every Jamaican ‘born an grow’
anyone with Jamaican heritage of whatever ilk living anywhere, or anyone with an interest in Jamaica, should read - in fact ‘de whola unno, shoulda read.’
You will be greatly entertained and informed.”
— Father Easton Lee
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Dr. Sue is carrying on a legacy for us to share for generations to come. Her words have the power to make me laugh, reflect, and keep me transfixed for hours. This book is truly a gift of consciousness—a reminder of value and grace. Dr. Sue is a treasure and I applaud her wisdom, vigour and downright tenacity to continue motivating, educating and empowering us through her work. Brilliant!
— Sherry Dixon Journalist, Lecturer & Life Skills Speaker, ENGLAND



Yes ask me…I’m here to facilitate learning, as we know, knowledge is the key of life!!

I am a skilled Human Resources professional with over 30 years of business experience holding both administrative and instructional positions with multi-national firms. My works span the USA, UK, Africa and the Caribbean.

As a University Professor, I teach Organizational Leadership, Conflict Resolution and Human Resources Development (HRD).  I have a passion for the welfare of people and I strongly believe that there is greatness in all of us, my challenge is helping others to self-actualize.


I also believe that academic qualifications must be aligned with ‘essentials for success’ for individuals to be effective in their roles and in their interaction with others. With that in mind, I offer personal/professional development training. Through soft skills, emotional intelligence and leadership training, I strive to take participants to ‘the next level’ – being effective, efficient and empowering individuals who value those with whom they work.  

I was named one of Legacy Magazine’s 2015 Top Black Educators in South Florida.




In fulfilling my life’s purpose – I volunteer and lend my time and resources to working with and assisting individuals, businesses and initiatives in an effort to elevate spirits and awareness of community, social and cultural concerns.  Through my various roles, I strive to encourage, empower and elevate others in reaching their full potential.  

I have a heart for young people and I sponsor and mentor several locally and in various regions of the world, some of whom has formed "The Sisterhood of ASAY” – (Aunty Sue and You).  I lend my time and resources to various causes such as the feeding of, and ministering  to the homeless; bringing awareness to, and advocating for the victims of child sexual abuse; and supporting educational initiatives locally and internationally.

I am a community activist who volunteers my time, notary services, organizational skills and expertise in helping those in need.

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Dr. Susan Davis, also affectionately called Auntie Susan by many children in Uganda, believes strongly in education for all. She not only has made education her career/profession but she also sees it as a calling. I have watched her extend her passion for education to children across the sea in Uganda. She supports them financially through sponsorship, putting her money where her mouth is. Mentors them consistently by keeping in touch and encouraging them. She is indeed these students’ biggest cheer leader! I have had the honor of watching Susan front-row invest personally in the lives of others through her passion for education.

Much love to you dear sister for your heart for the Lord and education!
— Cyrus Mad-Bondo, Vice President - AFRICA - Chief Strategist, World Help

About Dr. Sue

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SUSAN LYCETT DAVIS – DR SUE - “British by birth, Jamaican by choice and American by naturalization.”

I teach…empower…facilitate learning….I EDUCATE

I write…perform…act…I ENTERTAIN

I support…volunteer…assist…I ELEVATE

But…as I recently stated in an interview, I am simply and most importantly, a daughter, auntie, cousin, friend…a child of God!  Secondly, I am an educator, author, writer, poet, storyteller, speaker, community and cultural activist.  I am a human resources practitioner, having chosen this career path because of my passion for the welfare of people and desire to champion the cause of the voiceless.  Whether I am identified in my role as Dr Sue, Dr Davis, or simply Susan…my objective remains the same – to serve, entertain, educate and elevate.

As a Professor, Researcher and Consultant, I have a keen interest in human resources development, cultural competency and diversity issues and I spend time assessing, developing and implementing initiatives that will benefit the welfare of people.  I have been instrumental in conceptualizing and developing several models that have been presented at conferences nationally as I embrace and encourage change and academic advancement.

My purpose in life is to serve others and help them grow through the facilitation of learning, professional and personal development.  My mantra is - ”Find your passion, live your dream.”

I am humbly recognized as one of Jamaica’s “Women in Community Service” in JoAnne Simpson’s book, ‘The Jamaican Woman:  A Celebration.’

I recently published my second book of poetry called “I am Jamaica”, which follows my publication “Ode to Miss Lou…From the Soul of Dr Sue” – a Jamaica 50 Collectible Edition


Dr. Susan Lycett Davis (known affectionately and throughout S.Florida cultural and literary circles, as “Dr.Sue”) is a talented young artist, who writes and is imbued with, the true spirit of the late Hon. Louise Bennett-Coverley -“Miss Lou” She continues to grow and enrich the literary landscape with her insightful and humorous interpretation of the Jamaican culture and we congratulate her on the launch of her new book -“I am Jamaica”
— Norma Darby – Jamaica Folk Revue