Dr. Susan Lycett Davis

Entertainer. Educator.

A we theme fi declare..."

I Am Jamaica is a collection of poems written in the rhythm of the Jamaican vernacular and speaks primarily to its culture and heritage.

"You will be greatly entertained and informed".
— Father Easton Lee - Author, Folklorist, Jamaica Cultural Ambassador, Priest.


Dr. Sue's goal is to help others find their purpose, live their passion and make service their mission.

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Looking for someone to keep your events classy and fun?  After all, who needs an event without razzmatazz?



So you seek to motivate and value those around you – employees, congregations, families and friends?


Susan inspires and uplifts through volunteer services, motivational speaking, mission trips and community outreach.

“This volume then, is something every Jamaican ‘born an grow’
anyone with Jamaican heritage of whatever ilk living anywhere, or anyone with an interest in Jamaica, should read - in fact ‘de whola unno, shoulda read.’
You will be greatly entertained and informed.”
— Father Easton Lee