Liberty and Justice for All

Liberty and Justice for All


Have you been called to serve as a juror and ignored the invitation?

Have you accepted the invitation, reported to assembly, but sought and researched all the possible reasons and situations that you could share, to ensure that though you’ve reported to duty, you will not be selected?

Shame on you!

Do you know that there is a charge and fine that can be levied for refusing to show up for jury duty?  Though it is not strictly enforced, be mindful that when it is, you may be found in violation, and become a statistic.

Did you know that there is a deep sense of pride and liberation in knowing that your fair and impartial stance could be what helps afford a person their right to freedom, or a victim their right to justice.

In the spirit of civic pride, this is a process that one should seek to experience.  It is humbly empowering to be given the privilege to objectively deliberate with a group of people of diverse experiences, culture, knowledge, and gender, to fairly and impartially examine the evidences as presented, in reaching a unanimous verdict.

What it is not?

Arriving at a verdict is not about opinion, emotions, sympathy or speculation.

What is it?

It is about patience, common sense, evidence and the law.  It is about being given the opportunity and therefore exercising one’s right as a citizen of the USA to work with people, polices and processes in affording – Liberty and Justice to All!


Job 32:8

But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding