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So you seek to motivate and value those around you – employees, congregations, families and friends?  Dr Davis can help….

She believes that academic qualifications must be aligned with ‘essentials for success’ for individuals to be effective in their roles and in their interaction with others. With that in mind, Dr Davis designs and offers personal/professional development training. Through soft skills, emotional intelligence and leadership training, she strives to take participants to ‘the next level’ – being effective, efficient and empowering individuals who value those with whom they work and co-exist.  

She was named one of Legacy Magazine’s 2015 Top Black Educators in South Florida.

Need a trainer who cares?

Dr. Sue is carrying on a legacy for us to share for generations to come. Her words have the power to make me laugh, reflect, and keep me transfixed for hours. This book is truly a gift of consciousness—a reminder of value and grace. Dr. Sue is a treasure and I applaud her wisdom, vigour and downright tenacity to continue motivating, educating and empowering us through her work. Brilliant!
— Sherry Dixon Journalist, Lecturer & Life Skills Speaker, ENGLAND